Diagnosed in 2014 May. His organ involvement include liver, spine and lungs which were severely damaged to an extent where the liver needed a transplant. With his expertise in finance, Dinesh will also be leading the Finance and accounting departments of the Trust. He was bedridden for an year and a half.
Being the sole breadwinner of his family with his wife, 2 children and his parents who solely depend on him, is what gave him the conviction about the right support playing a crucial role while battling a chronic illness. Being a father of 2, and husband to a loving wife and a son to very concerned parents, he realised the catastrophic expenditure it had on his family. Which further shattered him with the dark reality of what patients below poverty line had to face.
In light of this, his aim is to bring in cost effective treatments and quick diagnosis by spreading awareness, especially to families of Lupus patients.Being aware of the of the Ratio of male : female patients is 1:9 , his aim to connect to other Male Lupus patients by giving them the strength and confidence.


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