When Swapna’s fourteen years old millenial daughter was diagnosed with SLE, it was a terribly agonizing experience but it was not to the extent it should be because she had never heard of this autoimmune disorder.
Later on, as she had to deal with the fact on a daily basis, it became a challenge which she could take well emotionally as she watched Vachasamrita face the situation boldly and manage the intricate complexities pretty well.
It’s a blessing from unknown hands for sure to be part of this very difficult experience in life for, it opened a new world of sublime reality-sickness, compassion and selflessness. That the blessed lot must support the less blessed by any means became a mandatory principle. She saw her daughter actively participate in the awareness campaign for Lupus Trust formation for supporting the needy Lupus patients. She became a part of the Lupus trust to be as much of help and support unconditionally.
Every day it is still uncertainty and pain seeing her ups and downs from the dangerous sides of the disease, yet she has hope for her and all lupus patients which will manifest in the various activities and initiatives of the lupus Trust, making our life a worthy experience


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