Vachas was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 14. A very unique case even amongst other Lupus patients due to rare serum reactions and complications, it is her rare combination of being a fighter and a learner that has enabled her to stay ahead of her. She envisages a society where people can freely discuss solutions and work with leading research companies and world where there is high employability for people with health disorders by using state of art technology and ICT in particular.

She hopes to pass on her knowledge amongst the general public while breaking stereotypes and accepted norms for chronically ill patients, with a desire to make Lupus patients self reliant and financially secure.

On a life mission to redefine normal, she wants help co fighters to find comfort and acceptance that normal isn’t weighed by a marriage or children or any such social norms that induce pressure and the feeling of isolation, rather the fulfillment of oneself


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