We help thousands of lupus patient to get their right treatment.


Treatment And Awareness

Every Lupus Patient will get the right treatment and best of medicines. There will be a drastic reduction in the number of Lupus patients dropping out of the treatment by bringing “Awareness” of the severity of this chronic illness. The number of cases of late diagnosis will come down drastically.

financial aid
Financial Aid

Due to frequent need for leaves and difficulties in working at a stretch, work efficiency and productivity might come down. In such situations, what one needs is  empathetic thoughts from work authority and peer groups, resting space/sick rooms and work from home facilities.

Employment And Income

Every Lupus Patient undergoes a financial beating during and post diagnosis. The Trust will strive hard to “Financially” serve the deserving in every way possible.

Policy Maker

The most prioritised activity of the trust would be bringing Lupus to the notice of authorities, policy makers to further avail benefits for eligible patients and their dependents. The Trust will associate and work hand in hand with govt and service groups.

social empathy
Social Empathy

As most people with lupus are diagnosed between the tender age of 15 -35 , this is the crucial period in one’s life with every aspect, couple of years break in studies and in career can also cause huge stress and depression.

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Mental And Emotional Support

Lupus Trust will function as a platform to bring together Lupus patients and their families. Thus serving humanity with Mental and Emotional Support.

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We focus on “one to one” or “one to few” type interactions. We do not address societal problems. We don’t tackle projects requiring engineers and scientists. We’ll leave that.



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Lupus vs Kidney

a. What is lupus nephritis? Lupus nephritis is inflammation of the kidney caused by SLE. When kidneys are inflamed, they fail to function properly and can cause protein leakage. more than 50 percentage lupus patients develop nephritis. Based on the intensity of nephritis it is further classified. b. Body symptoms: Urine – foamy and dark […]

Lupus vs Brain

Lupus cerebritis Lupus cerebritis is a rare condition in which lupus affects the brain/Central Nervous System. Antibodies may be created in the blood which attacks the nerve cells or the blood vessels that feed them. It may sometimes interrupt the blood flow to nerves. Body symptoms Confusion, brain fog (clouded thinking), memory problems and difficulty […]